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Learn what's included in your current subscription plan.

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Purchase the seobase yearly plan instead of the monthly plan, and save up to 2 months.

You can cancel your plan anytime you want. Seobase offers you 3 main SEO plans & pricing as follows:


Premium (Best Value)


Standard package for multiple sites, including basic customer support.

Advanced tools with higher volumes and prioritized customer support.

Our full suite of features for up to 300 sites and premium customer support.

5 tracked websites

50 tracked keywords

100 SERPs / 24 hrs

100 keyword lookups / 24 hrs

25 results per lookup

25 results per domain-lookup

10 site Audits/month

200 pages crawled per audit

5 saved audits in history

2 users


50 tracked websites

500 tracked keywords

500 SERPs / 24 hrs

500 keyword lookups / 24 hrs

50 results per lookup

50 results per domain-lookup

30 site Audits/month

800 pages crawled per audit

30 saved audits in history

5 users


Premium Support

300 tracked websites

3000 tracked keywords

1200 SERPs / 24 hrs

1000 keyword lookups / 24 hrs

100 results per lookup

100 results per domain-lookup

50 site Audits/month

1000 pages crawled per audit

100 saved audits in history

30 users


Premium Support

You can get free 10-day access to trial to try all of our SEO tools. Cancel anytime. For more information; check the pricing page: seobase.com/pricing/

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