Why Should You Use The Site Profiler Tool?

Learn here about main reasons why Site Profiler is very important for your website.

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A website audit aims to give webmasters a complete and detailed analysis of their sites' health, performance, and speed.

Auditing these areas gives you a complete sight of the current effectiveness of your site. Using a site audit tool shows where to optimize further, improve your website, and identify issues that affect your site's health. Here are 3 reasons why you should use the seobase Site Profiler tool:

Search Engine Optimization:

Google makes about 500 changes to its SEO algorithm each year. That will affect your SEO strategies. Therefore, by performing a website audit, you can identify all of the SEO opportunities throughout the content of your website such as; keyword stuffing, exact match anchor text links, etc.

Website Performance Optimization:

The evaluation of your website’s technical performance can be done not only by editing the content but also by performing a technical site audit. You can inspect your website's technical framework and infrastructure by conducting a site audit. In addition, you can evaluate how friendly your website is to search engines and how accessible it is for users to smoothly find content.

Identify Issues

A site audit allows you to identify your website issues that break your SEO and conversions. For example, your website issues would be broken links, page speed issues, hidden content, technical aspects, etc. Identifying your site issue helps you fix traffic and conversion problems.

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