The SERP results for your target keyword can be exported as a CSV file.

To do that, please click on the “Export to CSV” button on the top right of the SERP results page.

The popup will open offering you the following options:

  • All metrics: the file will contain all SEO metrics that are available in SERP Checker

  • Chosen metrics: only metrics that were checked in the Manage Metrics popup will appear in the exported file.

  • SERP Features included: the file will include SERP features that apply to the current target keyword like image packs, map packs, answer boxes, people also ask, related searches, etc.

  • SERP Results metrics included: results metrics, such as Keyword SEO Difficulty, SERP Features Impact, etc. will also be included in the file.

The file will also contain the position number of the result on SERP, the title of the result, the URL and the metrics. The metrics are titled with abbreviations like they are shown in the table on the SERP results page.

SERP Checker Export SERP results to CSV file.

If you are not using seobase yet and want to check out how SERP Checker works, follow this link here and sign up:

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