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Analyze SERP by searching for keywords

Learn how to start analyzing SERP for specific keywords of your interest

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In order to use the SERP Checker tool and analyze websites and related keywords go here:

To get you started, we've provided examples of keywords for Tesla and Coffee for you. It will allow you to see how the analysis is done and how the tool works if you don’t yet have the keywords that you wish to analyze.

In case you already have a keyword that you want to analyze, please type in your keyword, select location, and platform, and click on the “Analyze” button.

This section describes how to analyse SERPs by searching for keywords.

You will be taken to the SERP results page with analysis of your keyword.

To learn more about SERP Results page, please go here.


  • Every time you analyze a new keyword, it counts towards the SERP resources that are available for you according to your subscription plan.

  • To check how many SERPs you have left, you can click on the lifeline icon.

This section explains how to discover competitors in SERP.

If you are not using seobase yet and want to check out how SERP Checker works, follow this link here and sign up:

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