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SERP Checker Basics

Learn about SERP and what SERP Checker is to offer

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Seobase’s SERP Checker is an analytical SEO tool that will help you analyze and compare strengths and weaknesses of your website to sites of your competitors. With SERP Checker you will be able to evaluate positions on SERP, detect Google SERP features that influence the organic search results.

This section explains how to perform

In short, SERP - Search Engine Results Page - is the page that people can see once a search query is submitted in Google search, for example, or in another search engine. It’s a list of results that are relevant to what people are searching for (a keyword) on the Internet.

The results in that list are based on the search engine algorithm and each search engine has its own algorithms that make it possible to find the most relevant results.

SERP is generated in the way that once any person submits the search query, the search engines begin to roam through websites and try to find the most relevant items.

Search results can be:

  • Paid - these are advertisements that are paid by the owners of the websites to have their websites displayed for searched keywords.

  • Organic - results that made it to the SERP based on search engine optimization and relevancy. Each search engine uses multiple factors to rank keywords, but the most useful for the SERP are content and backlinks.

This section of the article talks also about SERP basics.

If you are not using seobase yet and want to check out how SERP Checker works, follow this link here and sign up:

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