Keyword Metrics

Position History:

Position history chart represents the rankings position over a period of time for a selected keyword only.

In order to see a position history during a specific period, please go to a calendar and set a different date range.

This section shows a position history of the keyword for seobase Rank Tracker.

Ranking URLs:

Ranking URLs is a list of URLs for a selected keyword.

It shows you the list of URLs that influence the ranking of this keyword and the estimated visits that come from these URLs.

This section shows a list of URL for a selected keyword.

Search Volume History:

This chart displays the search volume numbers per month for a selected keyword for the period of last year.

These numbers give you an overall great representation of how good this keyword is, how many users are searching for it, and whether it is a popular keyword or not.

This section shows a search volume history per month for a selected keyword.

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