Tracking Overview

Tracking overview is a page that displays all data for the tracked website and its keywords.

Keyword ranking table is on the left and metrics for tracking and for individual keywords are on the right.

Switch to view desktop vs mobile platforms:

There’s a switcher to view trackings for desktop and mobile platforms. It gives you the ability to quickly switch between the two to check the data.

If you track only one platform for a given website, there’s an option for you to clone it for the other platform so you can track both.

Note: if you clone a tracking for another platform, they will be counted as two trackings against your subscription.

Tracking selector:

You can quickly navigate through all trackings within your system by using the trackings selector. Just click on the down arrow to open the dropdown menu, then select or search for the desired tracking.

This section shows how to select tracking in seobase Rank Tracker.

Date Range Settings:

The data in Seobase is based on the date ranges. If you want to compare your keywords performance and metrics on different dates, click on the calendar input in the top right corner of the tracking overview page.

Besides choosing your own set of dates, you can also select predefined ranges: Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 90 days, Entire history of a website tracking.

By selecting different dates you will see that metrics for keywords and for the tracked website overall will be changing accordingly.

Note: the latest date you can select is the date when your website tracking was created.

This section describes how to select date range.

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