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This article describes Your Trackings list page and what you can do there.

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Your Trackings

Trackings is an overview of all trackings that were created in your system.

All available trackings are arranged in alphabetical order.

For each tracking here you can see the following info:

  • Tracked website’s domain

  • Location

  • Number of keywords created for that tracking

  • Visibility Index and Visibility Index chart

  • Visibility Index change in %

  • Desktop and Mobile tabs to view tracking for desktop and mobile platforms respectively

  • Delete tracking option in the three-dot context menu

This sections describes to delete tracking in your seobase Rank Tracker.


If you have a lot of trackings, you can search for a tracking in the Search input.

Lifeline icon button in the menu:

All users can see a lifeline icon in the menu next to the account email. The dropdown shows resource availability based on the subscription plan. Colored progress bars shows how many trackings have been created in your system and how many keywords are being used for all trackings. Once the bar is full that means that you have used all of your resources for trackings and keywords.

Admins can upgrade the subscription plan to get more resources.

Note: if you use desktop and mobile trackings for the same domain, the keywords are counted twice, as two different SERPs are being monitored..

Create new tracking:

A new tracking can be created by clicking on the “Create Tracking” button.

This section describes how to create tracking in seobase  Rank Tracker.

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