If you want to add others to your seobase app, you need to invite them to your account. To do that please navigate to the Account settings, select “Users” and click on the “Invite Users” button.

Enter user's email address, select a role and an invite will be sent to that user.

Invited users will receive an email with a link to set up their passwords.

This image explains to manage users and user permissions within seobase.

User roles:

When inviting users, the user role can be specified.

Depending on a role, users will have different permissions within the system.


  • Has access to everything within the system and ability to do everything within an account

  • Has access to subscription management, billing management and invoices

  • Only Admins are able to invite other Admins

  • Only Admins are able to upgrade or downgrade subscription plan

  • Only Admins are able to delete an account


  • Has access to:
    - User management. BUT cannot invite Admins or delete existing Admins
    - Dashboard
    - Trackings (all functions)
    - Keywords (all functions)

    - SERP Checker (all functions)


  • Has access to personal account information (ability to change email and password)

  • Has access to Dashboard, Trackings and Keywords in a view-only mode.

  • SERP Checker (all functions).

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